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Mode Home Styling, Inc
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    Whatever your home project, let us put you in “go” mode. Whether you’re moving, de-cluering, selling, remodeling, or in need of full-scale or single-project decorating assistance, we offer A Simpler Way to Get Things Done.™ Think of us as professional decorators, stagers, organizers and facilitators all rolled into one affordable resource. Your go-to team, offering an array of a la carte services and an expert sense of design to help ease you through all of your home's transitions.


    Time to Think Outside of The Box.

    ​If you’re like most people, just the thought of moving is overwhelming. Beyond the actual packing and hiring of the movers, someone has to oversee the move from one home to the other. Meanwhile, you’ll need to figure out what furniture and accessories you have that will work in your new home, and then be sure the movers place it where it all needs to go. Whew! Let us ease you into Move Mode. We’re here to help at any stage of the move to take the stress and worry away. With Mode Home Styling managing your move, we not only simplify the entire process for you, we can help you accomplish your organizing, staging and design goals along the way.

    • Arrange packing and storage of extra items 
    • Arrange and schedule move 
    • Supervise move into new home 
    • Determine what current pieces will be  used where in your new home


    We Make Simplifying Simpler.

    How much stuff have you accumulated over the years...too much? Let us help you lighten your load, whether you’re planning a move or not. It’s in our genes to create neat, well-organized spaces. We relish taking on those problem areas you’ve been avoiding until now – an overflowing closet, attic, basement, garage – whatever needs to be cleared out and then neatly arranged, no matter how big or small. Because we sort with “designer eyes”, we can help you make those hard choices of what to keep, trash or donate. Plus, you just never know what hidden treasure we may uncover that is truly valuable or is a retro-chic gem that can be repurposed to make a fresh, free addition to your décor.

    • Organize your move or pre-move 
    • Edit/sort your stuff (keep, donate, trash) 
    • Organize new home 
    • Declutter and organize on a project basis


    See what's in our mind's eye with computer modeling.

    Yes, affordable decorating help is finally available in and around Atlanta.  No matter how big or small the job, we're happy to work with you. We’ll come in and re-work one window treatment, recover your dining room chairs, or help you decide the colors and fabrics to use in your room. Of course, we’d love to create a master design plan for your new or existing home that can be finished one room at a time or over time. Whatever the design project, what’s really cool is how you’re able to actually visualize what is in our mind’s eye before it happens through Computer Modeling. It’s a beautiful way to collaborate.

    • Create a Master Design Plan for your new   or existing home 
    • Make paint, fabric and other decorating    selections 
    • Show selections via Computer 3-D Design  Modeling
    • Order new furniture & accessories
    • Determine which current pieces will be used   where in your new home


    A Lot of Impact for Less.

    We’re experienced in helping homeowners create those minor changes that make such a difference in the way a home flows and makes a positive impression on potential buyers. Studies prove that staging a home to make it “sell ready” reduces the amount of time it stays on the market. De-cluttering, de-personalizing and rearranging to showcase your home to its best advantage are all part of our process. Call for a free consultation. There are so many ways we can make your home look fresh and current without a lot of expenditure. We can also help stage your present home. Repurposing and rearranging your furniture, and perhaps adding in a special new piece is a affordable way to go from ho-hum to “Wow!”

    • Arrange your home to prepare it for selling
    • De-personalize your current home for selling
    • Suggest minor updates to better showcase your home for selling
    • Re-set your current home for a fresh new look

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